Bounce Rags

Rags, also known as “Overheads, butterfly or Slip-on textiles” are the materials that are tied onto the Butterfly/Overhead frame.


Ultra Bounce Black/White
Polybounce Black/White
Griffolyn® T85 Black/White
Bounce Brushed Denim White
American Muslin UnbleachedNo photo
American Muslin Bleached
No photo


04’x04′ Butterfly
06’x06′ Butterfly
08’x08′ Butterfly
12’x12′ Overhead
12’x20′ Overhead
20’x20′ Overhead
and custom size

Used for

  • masking unwanted light
  • putting a hard edge on light 

Rocket Film Equipment make their rags with

  • Quality Fabrics
  • Tenara Thread
  • The Full width of the fabric to avoid too many seams
  • Flat shoelace ties for easy application and accurate tensioning
  • Spur and tooth, plated grommets
  • A grade polyester Webbing
  • PVC reinforced Corners with Slip-on elastic Strap
  • Colour coded drawstring carry/storage Bags. Always make sure the textile is Dry before stowing